Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, well, well, my precious readers and friends.

I still am scared of blogging. But I could not keep this back any longer.

For those of you who know me in real life (as if this isn't), my husband and I have an amazing little girl who is 5 1/2. I also have an adult stepdaughter who is 32 and a granddaughter who is 3. 

So we weren't planning on having any more children. My husband has been adamant about that. He did not want a child  younger than a grandchild. And I was sad in that I always pictured myself with 2 children, but I accepted it. I was grateful to get my Miss CC out of the deal.

So we've been going along looking forward to more grandchildren and watching Miss CC grow into a big girl, one who acts very much like a big sister to her niece. I felt like having that relationship was good for her.

And years pass and I am about to turn 40 and Mr. C is 56 and guess what?

I'm pregnant!

Yes, we are in shock, too.

Yes, we were using birth control.

And low and behold, here we are.

And to top it off, my stepdaughter is preggo, too! So we just found out we are going to get a grandson at the end of May! And our baby (don't know gender yet) will arrive in June. H/she will arrive with a niece and nephew already in the world.

Such is the life of a modern merged family.

At first we were terrified and shocked. I wasn't sure this was what I wanted. I had given up that 2-kid fantasy. I had moved on.

And then we had a few trips to the emergency room with complications in the beginning, and right away I realized I wanted this baby! I wanted this baby so badly!

We are now almost 12 weeks and all is good so far. If you are so inclined, please pass on a little prayer for me and my growing, amazing family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog crisis of faith

Here's the thing: I love blogs. I love reading them. And in some ways, I love writing them.

However, the ones I read every day and truly love are the ones that are written by people (mostly women, but a few men here and there) who are completely open and honest. They post their kids' names and photos and they are not anonymous at all. They even write about very difficult, personal subjects. These are the blogs I adore.

I want to be one of those bloggers. I am very open by nature. I don't just mean extroverted. I like to share everything - good and bad. I always feel like talking about sensitive stuff might help someone else who is struggling.

But because of the nature of my husband's job (not to mention, my husband's private personality in general), I cannot have a blog like that. I've attempted to be an anonymous blog of sorts. I don't use real names or locations. But I always feel like I'm not telling the whole story. I always feel like I have half a blog.

Part of me would like a place to share photos of my family with other family members and faraway friends. There's another part of me who would like to reach a bigger audience about what it is like to raise a gifted, but quirky, child. I know I have a voice that might help people.

Although I did not attend Blogher, I read about all the scary situations where bloggers have been targeted by trolls and have had privacy violated. This concerns me as I have had stalkers before in real life.

I don't know what to do!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is this good news?

This is a riddle.

What do you get when you cross one very horrible week and one stay-at-home mommy who secretly wants to have more children?

A blocked milk duct!

I am not pregnant and am not trying to get pregnant, but one lone duct in the right boobalicious has been making milk and is now blocked.


It has happened to me before. When I first met Mr. C, I was so desperate for a baby, that I made milk then, too. FOR A PHANTOM BABY!

Okay, so I'm a freak.

But a freak without breast cancer I might add.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

yucky yucky

It gets harder and harder to blog. And I don't know why.

Except that I don't what to be one of those bloggers who always writes about what is wrong. I would much rather inspire and write about happiness.

But lately that is all there is to write about - something going wrong.

Like a lost cell phone.
And a bottle of water spilled into my new purse.
Thus, a ruined camera.
More meltdowns than I can count due to starting kindergarten (year-round school).
A close relative dx with stage 4 melanoma cancer.
And just for kicks - discovering a lump in my breast.

Mammogram tomorrow morning. See you then.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss CC gets a little sister

and her name is Junebug. Yes, I am exhausted with a new baby in the house. But I'm madly in love, too. Yes, she is a rescue pup - a true mixed breed. She's been hunting honey bees all day today and spitting them out, not a bit deterred by being stung. She is a big dog in a little dog's body. What are your guesses on breeds in her ancestry? (hint: we know what the mommy is)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yes, it was the perfect getaway

For some reason, I've been reluctant to post about my New York City trip.

It's not because anything was bad or wrong happened. Quite the contrary. I had a marvelous time and really came home rejuvenated.

BUT for some reason, I feel like if I write too much about it, I taint the memory somehow. I've had friends who don't take as many photographs as me at events (I admit, I tend to overdo), and their reason it they want to experience the moment, rather than document the moment. I have never felt that way. (I am all about documenting.)

Until now somehow.

So here is a short summary: 5 days with 5 girlfriends where we talked constantly. Hot topics were: husbands, children, secret professional dreams, shopping. Primary activites: eating at amazing restaurants (if you ever get a chance, please go here and here), shopping in boutiques where all the summer clothes were 50% off or more, spa day at the Cornelius Spa, the theater (we saw this, which was phenomenal and this, which was hilarious).

I spent way too much money, but bought some some timeless pieces, including shoes (omg, Wishfulmommy did a "Sex and the City" and got her some Manolos!) which is huge for me as I wear a very narrow size and have trouble finding anything to fit me. We had one celebrity sighting (yes, them both). We went to one "exclusive" bar (boring) and managed to time things in such a way that we saw the first half of the Gay Pride parade.

It could not have been better.

P.S. How the homefront fared without me is a different story, and a whole different post. More to come.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Start spreading the news...

NYC, here I come!

5 girlfriends and I are going to go for 5 days sans husbands and sans children!

This means lots of shopping, amazing dinners, cocktails, two Broadway shows, even a 1/2 day at the spa. I am so excited.

Mr. C and I have been at odds lately. It seems I am a single parent and do 99% of house stuff. One day I woke up and I was almost 40 and in a very traditional marriage. Never would have dreamed that scenario about myself I gotta tell ya.

So being away for a bit and Mr. C having to figure out how to cook dinner and pack a lunchbox should at the very least, somewhat amusing. It will be good for him!

I will miss you. Check back next week for a full report.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big whine break

Pain is part of my everyday existence.

I suffer from chronic pain. It resides primarily in my neck and hips, and I also often have pain in my shoulders and lower back. I sometimes have shooting pains in both arms and legs.

I have mild scoliosis. Some doctors have told me my pain is muscular damage only. Others say it is in my head. Most give me a fibromyalgia diagnosis.

I have been in 6 car accidents, fallen down stairs twice and had a C-section without a working epidural. Of course I have some back pain, right?

I have experienced minor pain relief from various things: hot bath, deep tissue massage, physical therapy, pain meds, Thai massage, muscle relaxers, pilates. I have tried Western medicine and Eastern medicine. I've changed my diet. I've changed my pillow.

This past year I really thought I had pieced together a plan that helped make my chronic pain tolerable. I started seeing a physical therapist twice a week, did pilates once or twice a week and had a massage every other week. I am not an exercise person so this was major for me to commit to this plan.

For awhile it was working great. I actually had good days some days.

About 3 months ago, I eliminated one physical therapy session and added working out at home with a trainer for an hour twice a week.

About a month ago, my pain increased again.

Today I did not have one hour that was pain free.

And I found myself annoyed with Miss CC. That is not like me. I normally am very patient with her. Tonight I was annoyed by her always tickling me, talking disrespectfully, asking for treats over and over, putting off bedtime.

I did not yell at her, but I was obviously annoyed and she sensed it and cried. I hugged her and reassured her, but the damage was done.

So now I am in severe pain AND FEEL GUILTY!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day: mixed review

Father's Day brings mixed emotions for me.

On one hand, I see my husband - a man who is a good father - playing and dancing with our daughter. I also see him with his older daughter - always guiding and loving.

And yet on the other hand, I miss my own dad so much.

Miss CC acts exactly like my dad, her Papa. And yet they never met. I lost my dad 15 years ago to a surprise stomach aneurism. And just like that, at age 66, he was gone. CC has his sense of humor - very corny and silly. Things my dad said and did were hilarious. If anyone else said them, however, they fell flat. There was just something about him that was inherently funny. He was also quite childlike and adorable. And yet he was a hugely successful, brilliant attorney. I loved him, but I also admired him.

Today's plans include doughnuts for breakfast, art project making for Mr. C, pool toy shopping, swimming in new pool and a community barbecue with a bounce house. The day is sure to include lots of gleeful laughter and fun.

And yet.....I miss Daddy.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The new mommy

I met another mommy today. One who was fresh from receiving an Asperger's diagnosis for her son.

When I met her, I immediately saw she was the put-together type mom. You know the one. The one who has a beautiful suit on every day and has her makeup just so, always with a matching handbag. She had that formal air about her.

This is not to say I didn't like her. I actually did right way. But I am not that type of mommy. I am much more laid back. I care more about comfort than designer names. I tend to always be rushing and so believe it or not, will show up to events without even brushing my hair (or washing it for that matter.)

But something felt so sad with this mom. Something so fragile. When I said, "I feel like you might need a little extra support," she burst into tears.

And there were other moms there - moms with kids with autism diagnoses, moms with simply quirky kids, moms with kids who get constantly picked on, moms with gifted kids. We were there for a social skills class for our children. (a class I wish ALL kids were required to take by the way, but that is a whole other post)

And of course we reached out to her. And we all shared our stories. About how we were all so proud of our kids. About how we had embraced our kids' differences and celebrated their unique gifts. And we shared about how we support each other when there are rough times - like when our kids don't get included or invited to birthday parties or when they have unexplained meltdowns.

And although we all have positive mindsets now, most of us do remember that feeling - that moment of grief when you realize your child is going to have a more difficult time than others. For some, the grieving and questioning lasts longer. For others, we transition quickly to celebration and acceptance mode. For me personally, I love that my kid is not a cookie-cutter kid.

I don't know which way the new mommy will go, but I do know that when we all left, she brightly called out to us, "See you next week!"

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Aloha from napland

When the company sponsors an incentive trip every year - always somewhere lovely - it is good to be the chief operating officer's wife then.

I've written about the pitfalls before on being an excutive's wife (um, I have a husband? he's never here), but the perks far outweigh the hard stuff. On that note, aloha from Hawaii!

Since arriving, I've eaten fresh delicious fruit (without a child demanding the best piece), taken a long, blissful nap (!!!!!!), had an amazing dinner with lots of yummy tropical drinks and slept 9 hours straight in a comfortable bed (happy, happy, joy, joy). Today the agenda is my usual vanilla latte and now a stone massage. Later I might have to break a sweat sitting by the pool and having a cocktail. Ahhhhhhh.

Sorry to rub it in, but after this past year with crazy contracters and deadline after deadline missed and budgets not kept (all relating to the house we built) and all the ups and downs of parenting a darling but quirky child, well, I actually think I deserve this trip.

But I do know most of you folks out there - especially you moms of quirky kids - you deserve it, too. So in honor of you, I will drink my cocktail this afternoon with you in mind. Cheers!

P.S. Haven't heard from stalker in a week. Hope he is gone for good. Thanks for the emails of good wishes.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stalkers are such fun

I have a stalker. A phone stalker. A cell phone stalker.

A stalker that calls me by name....

Before leaving dirty, scary messages.

I'm scared. I have a home alarm and I'm not one to mind being home alone. My husband travels all the time.

But this stuff is starting to worry me. It makes me worry about blogging, too.

I know bloggers have addressed this before, but how do you allow yourself to feel comfortable putting all your personal stuff out there? Especially knowing someone might use it against you somehow?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sharks, cake and Hello Kitty...

Once again, my friend Daniel Milnor, famed photographer, captured the festivities. Check out his website here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Ready for kindergarten?

Yes, we survived the party. Yes, we are still recovering. Yes, the house is wrecked. Including pink cupcake frosting staining the antique tiles in the dining room. Yes, it was a HUGE success.

Miss CC was in heaven and all 100 kids who came had a blast, too. Highlights were Hello Kitty coming and wandering through the house with Miss CC and Miss R holding her hands and also the aquarium exhibit where kids could touch baby sharks. More later when I get pics.

Today was Miss CC's interview at kindergarten. And to answer how it went, well, it was an accurate interview. In other words, CC showed her amazing abilities, but she also showed her weaknesses, too. This is a good thing. This interview will determine which kindergarten teacher she is placed with. And let's face it, there is probably one of the three that is better with challenging kids.

Because we have elected not to disclose her Asperger's dx at this point, we came armed with a letter (written from her perspective) highlighting her attributes but explaining her quirks.

She excelled on all the academic questions (shapes, numbers, letters). She even complained that they were "baby" questions. She spoke of her interests: the color purple, her best friend J, our cat...She was very talkative and not her usual slow-to-warm self. I was proud of her.

But the teacher also asked her to draw a picture of something she liked. This is right up Miss CC's alley as she is constantly drawing or making art projects. However, when it was time to go, she did not want to leave the artwork with the teacher. There was a bit of a power struggle for a moment...I knew a few more minutes would trigger a meltdown for sure. But the teacher negotiated with her and agreed to make a copy of the artwork for her file and let her take her original home. CC questioned her several times about this. The teacher assured her that she always kept her promises.

As we left, the teacher said, "CC has a strong foundation for kindergarten and will be fine."

Yes. I just hope the kindergarten teacher will survive, too.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the mom the other moms hate...

yup, that's me.

I'm the one that throws the over-the-top birthday parties. The HUGE crazy birthday party.

And the part that really irriatates the moms? I don't care that the moms hate me.

I have always been this way. I adore hosting parties. I love to plan all the activities, decorate and put together the favors. I don't mind spending money either on vendors like balloon ladies, face painters and characters. And by the way, I was this way when I didn't have a dime to my name.

(Case in point: big birthday party for an ex - I flew in his sister to surprise him and got a Target credit card to pay for all the food and decorations because I had no cash.)

Many bloggers have discussed this at length but primarily from the simple-and-frugal-is-better perspective. I totally get that, especially about not making the emphasis on birthday presents. But part of my personality is to entertain. And my daughter has inherited this quality, too.

Although she is much more introverted than I am, for weeks prior to her birthday parties, she plans where all the balloons will go, fills every gift bucket or sack (this year 100!) and decides all the crafts and games to play. Every morning she wakes up and says, "X more days!!!!"

We are asking that attendees donate to the local children's hospital in lieu of a gift. Family members will still give Miss CC gifts, so I am sure she will have the fun of opening some gifts. But we certainly don't want tons of presents coming into the house. She helped me wrap a huge empty box in Hello Kitty paper for donated toys.

Anyway, the countdown's on. The big party is this weekend. This year we have two themes: sea life and Hello Kitty. The aquarium is bringing a truck with tanks of fish, lobsters, starfish and even baby sharks! And Hello Kitty herself is making an appearance. (Miss CC sent her an invitation.) My house if full of fish-themed games and shark-themed crafts.

And my little girl is beside herself with glee.
P.S. The photo is from her third birthday (Strawberry Shortcake theme).

Monday, May 12, 2008

I love this holiday

I love my mom. I do. She drives me batty, but I do still love her. And I encourage my daughter to love her Nana.

BUT Mother's Day never meant a lot to me. I know that sounds harsh, but I did show my mom appreciation in other ways - not neccessarily on Mother's Day through the years. So it wasn't an emphasized holiday in my life. That is, until I became a mother myself.

Now I live for the obscure crafts my girl makes for me at preschool. I can hardly wait to see what card she (and her dad) pick out for me. I love going to brunch together and everyone saying, "Happy Mother's Day" to me.

I wanted to be a mom for so many years. I wished for my daughter. And now I relish every single Mother's Day. Every single day in fact.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The big FIVE

Five years ago today was the absolute most important day of my life. It was the most amazing day of my life.

And it was probably the hardest day of my life. I can definitely say I experienced the most pain of my life that day.

It was the day Miss CC was born.

But born doesn't seem like the right word. As Miss CC always says, she was always in the world. But her body arrived on May 5, 2003. A Cinco de Mayo baby. Time to celebrate! And at the very least, time to have a stiff drink.

You see, I wanted an unmedicated birth. I wanted a midwife-assisted birth. I actually had the audacity to want a homebirth. And it all began with lots of research. I had the best team, the best laid plans. And I had the drive and the belief and as my daddy used to say, the gumption to do it.

Not to go into all the details, but here were the hightlights:
water breaks just as going to bed
labored at home all night - contractions every 2 minutes
Miss CC was turned face up
midwife manually turned her twice
(did I mention no meds?)
little dialation
trip to hospital for epidural
epidural does not work
ooo, but the feet were numb (but nothing else)
getting close to 24-hour mark after water breaking
C-section imminent
sudden placental abruption (massive bleeding)
no time to re-do epidural
C-section without meds (they tie you down and cut)
displaced pain in chest (think I'm having heart attack)
go blind from oral meds
(give my "goodbye" speech)
CC arrives!
CC has swallowed blood - gets tummy pumped
CC brought to me but I am still blind so can only smell her.

But CC is OKAY!!!

Suddenly, my eyesight returns and I am stiched up and in recovery room being encouraged to nurse Miss CC. And then I'm in my hospital room with everyone swooning over my beautiful little girl. (no further mention of trauma to me)

And within minutes I was sure I would do it all over again in a heartbeat just to have my girl. My old soul girl. My little miniature Mr. C (seriously, she's Mr. C in a dress). My already oh-so-serious CC. My newborn baby with the furrowed brow already trying to figure life out.

Five years later, we do get moments of glee and a quirky sense of humor. But overall, I'd say she is just as she was when she was born: reluctant to go somewhere new, a serious soul and obviously something to celebrate.

Happy Birthday, my precious girl. I adore you.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life with the serious one

Just wanted to give credit to my friend, the amazing photographer Daniel Milnor. Check out his website here and his blog here.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My 4 year old is actually 14

Me: I think it would look cute if you wore your hair up like this in a ponytail.
Miss CC: Not going to happen, MOM.
Me: Well, what if I fix your hair like this anyway? And I could do mine the same way and we could be twins?
CC: I don't like it.
Me: (laughing) Too bad. I'm the boss and I'm going to fix your hair like that.
CC: Too bad you'll forget anyway.
Me: (more laughing)
CC: I always win, right, Mom? (big smile)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss CC: her voice is mighty

Our new pool has finally been plastered and is in process of filling up with water.

The pool cover cannot be completed until the pool is full.

There is no sod or grass around pool because the contruction dust would kill it so we are waiting for the pool cover to be done.

Miss CC is not 100% pool safe yet when it comes to swimming.

In other words, dancing, tiptoeing or skipping around the edge of the pool is dangerous.

Both Mommy and Daddy have prevented her from walking around the (slick) edge of the pool. Today, when Dad asked her to get away, she absolutely lost it. Screaming, hitting, kicking. "I hate you!" "I hate my daddy!" "I have the meanest daddy in the world!" "He is far too bossy."

Later, when finally calm, she told us that she was born with "all the wisdom an adult has" and does not want us to ever tell her what to do or boss her around. We try very hard not to use "just because" or "because I'm the parent" logic with her and instead really use her usual logical thinking. So we explained that because we are older than her, we therefore have more experience and more wisdom. And so there would be times we have to tell her what to do because she was still a little girl and still learning.

She pondered that awhile and said, "Nope. God gave me all of my wisdom now and I really don't need your advice, but thanks."


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are we well yet?

Miss R has finally been given the all-clear. Her blood counts are all back in the normal range. On the low side of normal, but normal nonetheless. Her mom and dad are happy and not worrying and although annoyed they still don't know what really happened, are just grateful it all worked out.

Now Wishful Mommy on the other hand (Mimi to Miss R).....I'm a different story. Why am I still worrying? Is it a grandma thing? I just don't like not knowing what was wrong. Why don't we have answers?

And as for me, I have had good days and bad days. The days I eat in this new several-small meals-a-day way, I do feel better. The days I give in and have a piece of Scottish pie (similar to banana cream pie) or eat a big dinner, I feel terrible.

And as for Miss CC....well, no colds lately. Knock on wood. But tons and tons of anxiety and worry about, well, everything. I think worrying about kindergarten is the underlying theme.

Every school day she wakes up and says, "Mommy, I hate preschool. I'm too smart for preschool. I'm ready for kindergarten." And then later when we are talking about the future, "Mommy, I hate kindergarten. I don't want to go there."

And even though my daughter and I are very different, it just occurred to me that we are quite alike in one way: natural-born worriers!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My first blog tag!

I was tagged weeks and weeks ago by the wonderful Wonderwheel. And I just had so much going on, I didn't follow through. But now would like to share with you.

The rules:
A. The rules are posted at the beginning
B. Answer the questions about yourself
C. Tag 5 people, let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.

What were you doing 10 yrs ago?
Hmm. In the spring of 1998 I had been living in San Francisco for about 6 months. I had just moved there for a job in corporate America and had just met my now-hubby Mr. C. It was a wonderful time in my life in many ways as I was a Southern gal discovering the big city and the West Coast for the first time. I had been promoted and was doing a lot of writing which always makes me feel good. I also was being wined and dined. And what a city to be doing that in!

Snacks I enjoy:
1. Dove dark chocolate
2. Dairy Queen M&Ms blizzard (wait, is that a snack?)
3. tortilla chips and guacamole
4. cheese and rosemary grackers
5. cold pizza

Five things on my to-do list today:
1. cook dinner for friend undergoing chemo
2. clean off furniture I am donating
3. find missing mailbox key and get mail out
4. pick up Miss CC from preschool
5. go see Girl's Gone Child at a local reading

Things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. make sure my mom and mom-in-law were in comfortable beautiful homes where they felt independent but had some visiting care
2. pay off debt of all in my family and a few close friends, too
3. start a school like this in California that provides positive environments for quirky kids (John Elder Robinson wrote about it so eloquently here at his blog)
4. start a foundation that gives money to different charities each year
5. buy a second home in Carmel, California and a third one in Oxford, Mississippi (extravagant I know but hey, I'd be a billionaire!)

3 bad habits:
1. just did not grow up flossing so it is hard to start a new habit now
2. Late-night stress eating
3. Reading email on blackberry when sitting in traffic or at a red light

5 places I have lived:
1. Mississippi
2. Florida
3. North Carolina
4. San Francisco, California
5. Orange County, California

Jobs I have had:
1. retail clerk (in high school)
2. singing telegrams/clown (in college)
3. nanny (for not-potty-trained 3-year-old triplet boys!)
4. newspaper reporter and then editor
5. speech writter and video script writer
6. PR
7. stay-at-home mommy (yay!)

Things people don’t know about me:
1. I can't sleep! Terrible insomnia from as long as I can remember. (I actually remember pretending to sleep in my crib at age 2 to please my mother.)
2. I have a brother who is 20 years older than me! And, yes, same two parents. We've never lived in same house so we are not very close. We are opposites.
3. I have wanted to be a mom since I can remember. I was always bringing home unwanted pets and then later unwanted people. I am very maternal by nature.
4. I have one tattoo and I actually ADORE it. I will never get tired of it.

I read lots of blogs and know many of you do not "do" tags. However, I will tag you anyway because I enjoy reading what you write. Feel free to avoid if you wish. This was fun for me.
I now tag:
A Path to the Sea
Mamma Thinks
Weinstein: The Next Generation
Asperger Square 8

And now it is my turn for health issues...

So I turned 39 not long ago and my body seems to be falling apart.

Blood tests show I have a variety of health issues - all minor in the grand scheme of things but coupled together, they are causing some major problems. Hypoglycemic, too low blood pressure and dehydrated. All 3 are resulting in a too fast heart rate, something my dad dealt with his whole life.

They say I can correct this all simply by changing my diet to several small meals a day with more protein and less sugar, instead of 2 or 3 big meals. Sounds easy, huh?

Well, today Mr. C comes home from church with sugary sweets from the bakery. Then after lunch, Miss CC asks for ice cream. It's harder than you think to change your diet! My sweet tooth is officially doing me in it seems.

Any advice on incorporating more protein in my diet? My doc suggests cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast and snacking on almonds (instead of chips) during day and always adding chicken, etc to salads for lunch.

What do you do to eat healthy?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Remembering the good ole days...

An old roommate of mine is visiting this week for spring break. She brought her little boy M here who is Miss CC's age. They are very similar in that both are very shy.

My friend and I are decidedly not.

Sometimes we wonder how we got these kids. Did God/Goddess/higher energy think we needed some difficult challenge?

I'm so glad to see my friend again. We lived together the year before we met our now husbands. In other words, we were "date queens" at the time living the single life. We both had been married before so in many ways had given up on men. I had actually given up on having a child as I "knew" I'd never marry again. So when we lived together we had lots of pets (our children).

I even got my beloved Athena, my cat, during that time. I am a big party person and I had a huge baby shower when I got my kitten. Everyone brought cat toys and I had a big cake with a cake jumping out of a stroller on it. I even passed out "It's a girl" lollypops.

We were always entertaining and having fun. We also both had careers and were on the path up the corporate ladder.

Now we are both primarily at home with children. I am writing a bit and doing charity work on side and she is a part-time photographer. We turned in our lives for totally new ones at some point.

The only thing that is the same is Athena is still around and now 11!

It's good to reconnect now and then. To remember a different side of ourselves. I'm still that person, too.

Gotta go now. M and Miss CC want to hunt for ladybugs.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Back to normal

Normal for us I reckon.

Dust covers the whole house again as construction continues.
Miss CC has the sniffles.
I have asolutely NO energy. I'm talking I can hardly get out of bed.
Is it anemia? Virus coming? Homones? Thyroid? Just depression or stress?
Doctor has no idea of course but did send my blood away for tests.
Now a weekend wondering.....

Read an interesting article in an old Oprah mag about desire. About in every relationship you are doing the desiring or being the one desired. You rarely are on the same page.

Mr. C handled the very honest words of his daughter rather well. He's trying to improve his grumpy ole self. It is so hard for him. He does not have to say anything for all around to feel tension. He is so Type A it is not even funny. He can never really relax. We've finally decided to see a therapist together. YAY! As always, good comes out of bad.

Yay for shrinks! Boo Tom Cruise!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Intuitive kids and mutant viruses

Miss CC: "Mom, I need to tell you something."
Wishful Mommy: What, my darling?
CC: I have one sweet parent and one angry parent.
WM: Oh dear, what happened this morning when you were with Daddy for an hour?
CC: Nothing. You don't have to say you are angry for one to sense it.
WM: Do we need to talk to Daddy about his tone?
CC: It's okay, Mom. God just made him that way. I love him anyway.

Would you tell your huband if your child said this about him?
And would it make a difference if you knew exactly what she was talking about? I did marry Mr. Intense after all.

Miss R still has a low blood count, although it has risen to 11 (12 is the normal low). They will take her blood every few days now until she is out of danger. Her mommy had to go to work today and you can imagine how Miss R did not like that. She has had both her parents (plus tons of grandparents) pretty much 24/7 for a week now. Poor thing has to go back to reality.

There is talk of a mutant virus on the loose out there, one that causes your own antibodies to attack your own blood cells in an effort to fight the virus. There are lots of cases being reported this year.

Our germs are getting stronger.

Friday, March 28, 2008

FInally going home...

7 pm
They are headed home. And all are collapsing in bed.

New tests were ordered. We'll hear more on Monday.

I am exhausted. Once I get Miss CC away from watching Enchanted (again), I will take a hot bath and head to bed, too.


Crying in Costco

Well, I was right. I think I was in shock or something because today as I was buying flowers and food (did I mention I'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow in the midst of all this chaos?) at Costco, I started bawling.

Just all of a sudden I thought of R lying there in that bed with her sweet face, and I lost it.

It still feels like she is in danger somehow to me. I don't know why. Maybe because I was secretly scared she had leukemia for a week before they took her to the doctor. Maybe because I don't always trust doctors. They've been wrong about my own medical conditions in the past. Maybe I won't relax until she is home safe and sound.

Hopefully soon she will be at my house playing with her 4-year-old auntie and her 39-year-old grandma and it will be "normal" again. We are a different sort of family I know, but we are a family nonetheless.

My stepdaughter's mom and my son-in-law's parents arrived early this morning so I've let them all be together at hospital today. Miss R needed all her grandparents. It worked out as I needed to have a meltdown at Costco!

Thanks again to all the support. Usually I am the one giving it and it felt good to receive some of it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


You read that right. Not a cancer cell in sight!

But first, the story of the day...

Miss R was the cutest thing this morning. We had been warned about all sort of unusual or scary behavior once she was given the meds for the biopsy. Instead she starting spinning her head and giggling and saying, "I'm so silly! I'm dizzy! This is fuuuuun!" So precious.

And then afterward never nauseous, never in pain. Suddenly demanding lunch and laughing. This child is amazing. I know everyone says that, but it really it so.

I mean we're talking about a 2 1/2 year child. One willing to have her blood drawn and her blood pressure taken. A child so amazing that the nurses went in together and bought her balloons and a teddybear.

So tonight the doctors finally came in. No cancer cells. They even saw evidence of her body beginning to create red blood cells on its own. Not a lot. Not enough to be out of the woods yet. But the huge looming threat of the big C word has past.

Then what is it? THEY DON'T KNOW! How infuriating is that? They've determined not flu and not mono. So it must be some other sort of random virus that knocked poor Miss R on her booty. There is some thought it might be Fifth's Disease, which usually is not this extreme. But they've seen a few cases this year like this in the past year.

So tomorrow that they will check her blood counts again. If still low, she will have to do another transfusion. But if rising on its own, she might get to go home!!!! YAY!

I still feel a little in shock. I have stayed strong all week. I have this strange feeling that if I think about it too much, I might lose it. Kind of a delayed reaction.

Thank you so much to the Queen of Shake Shake for mentioning my blog and sending me so many well-wishers. Really made me feel better. Thank you so much! Thank you, lurkers! I'd love for you to hang out with me awhile if you like.

More tomorrow on how my Miss CC is handling all the drama and trauma. You might be surprised.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

another hard day...

Somehow I am the caretaker of my family. Even my extended family. Even my step-family, you know? It feels good I will admit. It give me purpose. Being helpful is a tiny silver lining in this nightmare.

Miss R is not great. All three types of blood cells dropped considerably today. She will have to undergo a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow morning. Because it is a very painful procedure, she will be sedated.

There is still a chance this is still a random, freaky virus causing this. But most of the virus tests are back and they are negative. (mono, flu) So it is beginning to point toward, dare I say it? The possibility of leukemia or some other cancer. The doctors are throwing it around like such a big possibility. So hard to hear.

Tonight she underwent a blood transfusion. They decided to divide it up into 3 separate sections with breaks in between for her body to recover. She had no negative reaction and was a perfect patient. The nurses are besides themselves at what a great patient she is for a 2-year-old! She has to hold her arm straight and steady and was willing to do this! When I left, she was still receiving the last part of the first of the 3 portions and already was pinking up and regaining her color. So good! She was in good spirits and CC kept her entertained as well. She has been remarkably maternal toward her. Another positive piece of news is that usually leukemia presents with a rash on hands or feet and she has not had a rash of any kind! They did discover she has a urinary tract infection which should not be causing this problem but is an added issue. In between the transfusions, she will receive antibiotics for that. The biopsy has been scheduled for 10 am tomorrow (Thurs). However, they will not hear any results until the end of the day.

Again, she is not in any pain. Only a tad annoyed she must stay in bed during the transfusion. She did finally get a good two-hour nap in today (which she did not yesterday) so they are glad she got that rest as they will have to wake her up quite a bit during night to check the transfusion. We encouraged her dad to go home and get some sleep after dinner. Her mom is staying the night and did receive a cot. I brought her a warm, soft blanket so hopefully she will get some sleep tonight. They both continue to be strong but have moments of losing it as anyone would.

Tomorrow will be a long day.

Thank you so much for positive thoughts and love.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well, good times didn't last long...

We need some prayers and positive thoughts our way if you are so inclined. We have been at our local children's hospital today with our granddaughter Miss R. She has been sick for a week and because she got so pale during Easter festivities, they took her in for a blood test.

Her hemoglobin count was so low, they were advised to go directly to emergency room. They have done tests all day and most likely she will undergo a blood transfusion tomorrow. They are hopeful they can rule out leukemia (!!!) but right now we are just in a waiting game.

The best case scenario is that some sort of virus caused the drop and her body is still capable of creating new cells. Of course we are all scared as the doctors are quite concerned. She is not in any pain and is smiling and eating (good sign!), although you can imagine putting an IV in a two-year-old.

Miss CC was absolutely wonderful with her putting her arm around her and taking care of her. This is major as hospitals are notoriously too loud and too many people for her to be able to relax. I was incredibly proud of her.

It was hard to see such a little one so pale and hooked up to machines. Her parents are both with her and were able to take off work today and as many days as needed going forward and are staying in room with her. They seem to be handling everything with strength. What else can you do?

Mr. C leaves tomorrow for NY so I will go back to hospital tomorrow while CC is in school.

A very hard day here, folks.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter week musings

This was a good week. Yes, there were some low points - we can't find Miss CC's beloved teddy bear, she constantly insists she is "boss of our house" and acts as such and I haven't slept in weeks, BUT there was also so much joy.

Easter is fun. It was never a huge holiday for me growing up, but since becoming a mom, every holiday takes on such a level of importance for me. I find the business of ensuring my baby has lovely happy memories a full-time job. And to be honest, I have grown to love the creativity of decorating for each holiday and finding new, inventive ways to celebrate.

Seeing little girls all dressed up for Easter and running across the grass to find Easter eggs. There is nothing like it.

We attended 3 egg hunts this week - two amazing ones at friends' home and a third one on a golf course. Miss CC was quite competitive at all of them and each time happily came home with her basket FULL. (gotta figure out a way to sneak out all the candy around here by the way)

We also had our granddaughter (I have an adult stepdaughter) Little Miss R with us for most of the events. She is 2 1/2 and she adores her "auntie" Miss CC who is 4 1/2. They are precious together. More like sisters.

So I sound like a sap. I don't care. I guess I'm sort of in love with my two girls. They are so precious - so beautiful and so smart and so different from one another.

And these are the years the children enjoy Easter. I don't see a lot of older kids looking for eggs, you know? So now at 2 1/2 and 4 1/ is perfect.

I try not to take a moment for granted.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm back!

So I say I want to write.
And then I hit a major writer's block.
But then I unexpectedly went to Hawaii with my family and another family and got a little sunshine and felt better.
My daughter's best friend (yes, a boy!) was there and seeing the two of them play together was such a lovely thing. They adore each other. They were adventurers together - stalking and capturing lizards. And when they walked around together, they proclaimed, "Here come the troublemakers"!
They did spar a few times, but they always made up. I love to see them together because they play appropriately (even appropriate pushing each other occasionally). And it's interesting to see them interact. Miss CC often "mothers" her buddy, too. "It'll be okay, Sweetie," she soothes him when he is sad.
She does not do this with other children.
She gravatates toward adults rather than children. So it nice to see her love a peer like this.

Of course protective dad gets uncomfortable sometimes. Miss CC and her buddy are quite loving with one another including hugs and wiggling noses. Daddy doesn't like this one bit.

So once again I'm caught between taking care of my daughter and placating Mr. C. A trip to Hawaii didn't change that unfortunately.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Baby

Well, my good friend JC (no, not Jesus Christ) is a Leap Year baby. And this is a year she can actually have a birthday party. Technically she is only 11 years old, but really is 44. She looks amazing and honestly looks closer to 11 than 44.

Her party was a hoot - just a few couples, lots of champagne, a Barbie doll cake that looked just like her and food to die for. The doll in the cake even had a little doggy in a purse just like her precious pup Miss Coco Chanel!

I wrote a poem for Miss JC called Princess JC. It has several stanzas and wouldn't win any prizes, but it is super cute. I wrote it in about 10 minutes. It made me remember I am a writer. Sure, I've dabbled in blogs. I've been published a few times. I even used to be a daily newspaper reporter. But even with all that, I have forgotten. I have forgotten I am a writer. I have let the stay-at-home mommy gig define me for too long. It is time to start making my writing a real gig and not just a memory or something I do because I can't sleep.

I need to pull out all my old manuscripts and get busy. Please make me do it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hubby gets points

Well, that last post was a tad misleading. Mr. C didn't actually do anything at our house to fix anything. He is not Mr. Fix It. What I meant was things got fixed (either by me or someone still working on our new house) and so Mr. C was happy and in good mood.

BUT tonight he did some fixin'. And he did get points. Points in a major way.

You see, one of the most important events to me is the Academy Awards. It is a once-a-year event that I adore. I don't like to go to Oscars parties though; I might miss something. I like to see every outfit, hear every acceptance speech. I can't get enough. I start watching the pre-shows at 2 pm. I love it. I adore movies and I love the world of actors and writers. I bawl throughout, especially when the first-time nominees win.

And it is well-known I am not good for doing much else but sit on the couch during the Oscars.

In years past Mr. C would have grumbled and mumbled about my lazy self, sometimes even guilting me into cooking dinner or some other such menial task. Or maybe he even made fun of me being so "into" it. But this year (together 10 years), he finally figured it out.

He went to the grocery store and bought food and then COOKED DINNER! He even brought it to me and Miss CC on a tray in bed!

Okay, I know some of you (most?) have more progressive marriages where your husband/partner does 1/2 of the household chores. Mine doesn't. I have a more, well, let's say traditional, marriage. Never dreamed I'd be in one but here we are and usually, it works pretty well. I am at home with Miss CC, so over time I have taken on 100% of the home stuff, including even most of the parenting.

But tonight, my absolute favorite night of the year, I got waited on hand and foot.

It was lovely.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and now 3....

So the great Mr. C is home from Brazil. From door to door, the travel time is 23 hours.

Bless his heart.

And then after getting off the plane, Mr. Type A WENT TO WORK and worked all day.

And then he got "encouraged" to go to Miss CC's dance class and play with her afterward until bedtime.

Oh, bless his heart double.

But he did get some dinner. And things that previously didn't work in house now do. And CC made him 87 art projects at least while he was gone. And there was one homemade chocolate chip cookie left.

So things aren't too bad for the fellow, would you say?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

and there was 2

only two people in my house tonight. Me and tired little Miss CC. It is very quiet.
Very unusual around here.
We survived our week+ of sickness, thank goodness. It took two emergency doctor visits to a hotel room and lots of antibiotics, but we both finally recovered. It sometimes seems like someone has been sick since Halloween around here though I have to admit. I hope the sickies have finally passed us by. It has been a hard season. Everyone I know has had a bout of either strep, stomach flu or bronchitis.

Mr. C had a lovely golf game last week in the tournament. He was VERY happy. Which *should* make me happy - you know the supportive wife I am and all - but I have to admit, it was very hard staying happy for him when me and my lovebug were having possibly the worst week of our lives. Ah well, now that we are well, I can be excited and happy for him. It was a thrill for him to play in such a prestigious tournament. I so hope they ask him to play again next year. Wait a minute, maybe I don't. It seems it is always around my birthday. And next year, for the big 4-0, you better believe there will be a par-tay. (cuz 39 kinda blew)

My bestest buddy P came to help me with CC and she was a Godsend, although she did see some of the worst (and best) behavior. Poor Miss CC was very sick and could not be pleased. I'm sure you can imagine.

My MIL, SIL and BIL all came to see Mr. C play, too. He complained about people coming but I could tell he was actually VERY proud his family came to support him. And I'm glad someone could follow him around the course, as I was not able for more than a few holes at a time.

This week we've had guests stay with us - my first cousin J who I adore and her cute hubster and their adorable children. Yes, it was probably a little soon after moving into a new house to have guests (they had to put up with a bathroom door that would not close and a shower that did not work), but it was SO good to have our children together and see them bond. J and I were very close growing up as I did not have a sister (and hers came later in life) so we had each other only for many years during family events. Although we are very different from one another, we admire and respect each other.

Miss CC did pretty well with having people in her house and sharing her toys with other children. She did, however, need a lot of alone time and could not sit with us to eat meals. I'm sure this is confusing to others - particularly those who practice the all-sit-together rule for meals, but I knew she could not handle that and honored it. I didn't explain it either. I find in past I was constantly trying to explain some of her behavior, but now that I know she hears (and understands) everything I say (or imply), I am trying really hard just to let her be. Making her feel different or that she is not meeting certain standards only lessens her self-confidence.

Ironically they came to visit 3 years ago also at Valentine's Day so it felt good to celebrate the holiday with them again. Their beautiful girl is now 5 and of course Miss CC is 4 AND A HALF (can't leave out the 1/2 you know!) They also have a little boy who is almost 3. I love them both to pieces and so wish they lived closer. We had a little Valentine's Day party and had a few other kids over for art projects and cupcakes. I had my friend and photographer shoot the festivities and am so glad. They only left today, but I already cherish the photos.

Mr. C has left for Brazil. Gone every week that crazy traveling man.

And all the construction folks and audio visual programmers and painters, too, have left the house.


Miss CC does not have school on Monday or Tuesday so we have 3 more days of being home (and trying to get organized) and being together and recovering from all the travel/sickness/guests. I think it will be good for her to really take ownership of her new (darling purple) room.

Happy late Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good stuff/bad stuff

Hey - we are in Northern California for Mr. C to play in a big pro-am golf tournament. It is a very big deal to him. He has always wanted to play in it but has never been invited. He feels our friend who died in September "pulled strings" for him in heaven.

We have met/seen a lot of celebrities. Kevin Costner, Joe Pesci, Chris O'Donnell, Glen Frey, etc so that is always fun.

BUT CC is VERY sick. She had what we thought was flu last week. Went to her doctor Friday. She had high fever and aches. Complained of sore throat but doctor said it wasn't even red and see it through with fluids and motrin for pain. I should have insisted on a strep test as she had been exposed to strep week before. But I hate it when doctors make us feel dumb so I didn't push. So we brought her anyway.

Yesterday she was so bad. Her eyes were glazed over and she took a nap at 10 am! We had to call an emergency doctor to the hotel room. She has a raging ear infection and bronchitis and he thinks strep although she clamped her jaw so tight, he never got to test it. He felt sure she did though as her glands were so swollen.

So it has been very hard. My friend P is here (Miss CC's godmother) and she has been a big help, although I am sure she feels lost as she does not have kids. Miss CC has not been herself. She feels terrible and is scared so has been pretty mean to all of us. I am supposed to be supporting my hubby in his big dream but I am totally focused on my girl. I had to go to a welcome dinner last night with him and faked my way through it. Afterward, Miss CC slept but coughed every breath until 1 am.

I am very scared for my girl. I feel sure she has asthma now. Please say a prayer or send some positive energy to us.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

unpacking, no wait, packing...

I am trying to unpack the boxes.
And pack for a week's trip.
As soon as I get stuff put away where it goes, Miss CC pulls it back out. Every time I put something in a suitcase, she pulls it out.
And so it goes.

We leave tomorrow so Mr. C can play in a golf tournament. We might be going with empty suitcases.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're in our new house!

After 3 1/2 years!

We live in a community with very strict design standards. Our house dreams existed in the "design review phase" for more than a year believe or not.

Of course once you move in, the benefits of this type of community are great: the architectural beauty will always be preserved here and that increased the value of the home. However, 3 1/2 years is an awful long time to wait.

Of course not everything is done. There was construction going on all around us even as we were moving in boxes last night. And not everything works either. I used pliars to turn on hot water in the bathtub last night. The heat quit working in night so I am very cold this morning. Fridge handles are missing and one of the toliets doesn't flush. BUT it was so amazing to finally sleep on my firm mattress that has been in storage forever.

But speaking of the bathtub, we couldn't get the shades to work above....but I was determined to use the new big bathtub. If anyone drove by and happened to glance at window, well, let's just say, it was their lucky night.

My house is pretty large. I will admit it. I grew up barefoot in Mississippi so sometimes it is hard for me to realize I live here now. I sometimes even have guilt about it. But a house this big was my husband's dream and I guess I am along for the ride. I have tried to inject much of my own personality into this house though. I became "CEO of the house" a long time ago. I give Mr. C credit for trusting me to make most of the decisions regarding, well, everything. I am lucky in that way I know. This is not to say he did not have a lot of input on his favorite aspects: garage, wine cellar, office. But when I walk around now, I don't feel like this house has a large museum-like feeling. Instead, it feels warm and cozy. I credit my whole team: architect, builder, project manager, designer. Thank you for helping not only Mr. C, but me, achieve a dream. His dream was a large home; mine a warm and cozy one. Very cool we both are happy.

Oh and Miss CC adores her purple (and green) room. For those of you who know her, know her special interest has always been the color purple and the number 8. She's older now and has expanded her obsessions to sharks and art projects, but she has never lost her love of purple. Finally having a purple room is so important to her. Even her bathroom cabinets are purple. It is a darling, little-girl room I have to say.

She did not spend the night here last night as there are still too many boxes in her room. She has difficulty with change as most kids do of course. Being on the spectrum intensifies her need for sameness. Although we have visited new house 100s of times over the years and she has seen her room take shape, she still cries at night about how she will miss her old room. She has new furniture in this house. Darling twin beds with lavendar fabric headboards and green, lavender and pink bedspreads. While here she loves them. Transition is hard, but I hope she adjusts easily. My goal today is to get her room as unpacked as possible so she can feel right at home as soon as possible.

After piano lessons after school this afternoon, she will move in too! And then we will all be here together. Thank you for sharing in our joy. I hope it doesn't sound like bragging - so not my nature. But I am excited after having worked toward this for so long.

Home sweet home.

Monday, January 28, 2008


So my friend recommended Juno.

And my architect/friend recommended Juno.

And another old friend told me I had to see Juno.

And all the blogs and sites are buzzing about Juno.

So even though I am in the middle of a move into a new house and I have way too much to do, I abandoned the mother ship yesterday and escaped. I went and saw it by myself in a theater near the local university.

The theater was full of teenagers and young adults. It was grand people watching. It's been awhile since I felt this way, but I longed to be in college again. Well, not in a classroom I admit, but in the scene. It was fun to see the couples and listen to their conversations. There were lots of silly, shallow conversations, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear some very thoughtful discussions about the upcoming election and the cultural landscape.

Anyway, I did finally actually watch the movie. And of course I loved it.

It is a lovely, lovely movie. I found the direction so fresh. And, yes, the script is writing at its best, but the direction.... to me, that is what made the movie. No fears of lingering on shots or abandoning the usual angle.

The hubster is not so good at being left in charge of Miss CC, but they pieced together an evening of TV viewing and art project making (cards for me) and he was able to put her down for the night. When I came in, I kissed her goodnight and in her sleep she brushed my kiss away and smiled.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Singing in the rain

I grew up in Mississippi. Yup, about as deep South as you can get. In the summer it was hot. Not Southern California sunny day hot. But fry an egg on the hood of your car hot. Seriously. We tested that funny saying and it always worked. At the time we had nothing to compare our summers, too. Summer was hot and we went swimming and we wore skimpy clothes and we drank cold beer. We didn't know better.

I didn't realize how painfully hot it was until I lived in another state for several years and then went back home to Mississippi in July. Whew. Only then did I understand when people complained about the humidity.

But my story tonight is about a rainy day. A hot, rainy day in Mississippi. The rain itself was hot!

So what did we do? We got nekkid. Or partially naked I should say. And we danced in the rain. We hooted and hollered and danced. And it really wasn't a sexual thing. It was child's play. We were silly kids again without worrying how we looked or what others thought.

Tonight I'm nearly 40 and it is raining, but the water's cold here. And I wouldn't dream of dancing in the rain. The neighbors might see me. I'd be too self-conscious. Mr. C would definitely roll his eyes, no?

But I'm remembering when the rain called to me. And made me free.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

oh geez, I hired an organizer!

I have lots of friends who are organizing divas. I attract people who thrive on things being in place, in alphabetical order, in line. They get satisfaction from washing clothes and vacuuming. They don't let clutter pile up on their kitchen counters. Some, including my husband, perhaps would even get an OCD diagnosis. Not all of them of course, but enough to make me wonder why I'm drawn to people like that.

Because I am Miss Messy and cannot get organized to save my life. The idea of cleaning makes me feel anxious. I feel so much more comfortable with clutter around me. And those I love are the opposite. I am not sure why I am wired differently. My mother was an antique dealer 9and teacher) so the house was full of antiques - every inch of wall space. She was very messy, too, so probably some of it is just what I'm used to, what I grew up with.

So to practically save my marriage I have hired a professional organizer. We are moving into a new house so I thought it would be perfect timing. She can unpack and organize as we go and I can start this house on a clean slate so to speak.

Okay, so she costs a lot. But this is the best money I've ever spent. She is amazing. She took 5 sets of china and some shelving and made it all fit like a tetris puzzle in my china cabinet and it looks great, too - not overcrowded.

I've never met a person who was so strong in both areas of the brain. She is extremely creative and yet is obviously good at organizing. She is me and my husband mixed into one person. I should have married her!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mighty Shark Girl

My little girls is obsessed with sharks. This latest obsession came out of watching the movie, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. She claims she is 1/2 shark and 1/2 girl and tells us all about her shark family that lives in the ocean. We are not allowed to visit them though as they would eat us. We are only her human family after all.

She will even show you her shark teeth.

She calls herself Mighty Shark Girl and I found someone online to sew a cape with that embroidered on it. The woman is also sewing Shark Boy and Lava Girl costumes for her dress-up collection. She is beyond excited.

We have encouraged this obsession (special interest) because the one prior to this was robbers. As in theives. She was terrified robbers would break into our house and steal her things. We had long discussions about how safe windows and door locks were. Our girl cried in her sleep almost every night.

So when sharks came up, we grabbed hold to this new idea and encouraged it. And there was no longer any more talk of robbers. Whew!

Maybe sharks don't seem like such a feminine animal or interest for our girl. But our girl, although extremely girly, is unlike most girls we know. She loves all animals. Even as she discusses sharks, she worries about the dolphins they may attack. She loves mice and bugs. All of God's creatures in fact. I am an animal lover, too, but it is hard sometimes to actually have to catch a bug to let it go free outside.

My daughter is amazing. I so admire her. She is truly our Mighty Shark Girl.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

When your new beautiful house floods...

Be grateful:
That you moved all the art upstairs the night before the storm.
You put all your photos in plastic bins in advance.
You can have antique furniture legs repaired.
It was YOU and not your husband who found the running river in your basement.
Your builder immediately said it was his fault and took responsibility.

On a side note: go see Enchanted. Fun for the kids and the adults, too.