Monday, January 28, 2008


So my friend recommended Juno.

And my architect/friend recommended Juno.

And another old friend told me I had to see Juno.

And all the blogs and sites are buzzing about Juno.

So even though I am in the middle of a move into a new house and I have way too much to do, I abandoned the mother ship yesterday and escaped. I went and saw it by myself in a theater near the local university.

The theater was full of teenagers and young adults. It was grand people watching. It's been awhile since I felt this way, but I longed to be in college again. Well, not in a classroom I admit, but in the scene. It was fun to see the couples and listen to their conversations. There were lots of silly, shallow conversations, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear some very thoughtful discussions about the upcoming election and the cultural landscape.

Anyway, I did finally actually watch the movie. And of course I loved it.

It is a lovely, lovely movie. I found the direction so fresh. And, yes, the script is writing at its best, but the direction.... to me, that is what made the movie. No fears of lingering on shots or abandoning the usual angle.

The hubster is not so good at being left in charge of Miss CC, but they pieced together an evening of TV viewing and art project making (cards for me) and he was able to put her down for the night. When I came in, I kissed her goodnight and in her sleep she brushed my kiss away and smiled.


kristen said...

Doesn't it feel good to get a night out? And then to come home to art projects and sleep kisses--what could be better?

I hear the movie is great. I'll have to plan one of these nights for myself soon!!

tulipmom said...

Me three!