Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We're in our new house!

After 3 1/2 years!

We live in a community with very strict design standards. Our house dreams existed in the "design review phase" for more than a year believe or not.

Of course once you move in, the benefits of this type of community are great: the architectural beauty will always be preserved here and that increased the value of the home. However, 3 1/2 years is an awful long time to wait.

Of course not everything is done. There was construction going on all around us even as we were moving in boxes last night. And not everything works either. I used pliars to turn on hot water in the bathtub last night. The heat quit working in night so I am very cold this morning. Fridge handles are missing and one of the toliets doesn't flush. BUT it was so amazing to finally sleep on my firm mattress that has been in storage forever.

But speaking of the bathtub, we couldn't get the shades to work above....but I was determined to use the new big bathtub. If anyone drove by and happened to glance at window, well, let's just say, it was their lucky night.

My house is pretty large. I will admit it. I grew up barefoot in Mississippi so sometimes it is hard for me to realize I live here now. I sometimes even have guilt about it. But a house this big was my husband's dream and I guess I am along for the ride. I have tried to inject much of my own personality into this house though. I became "CEO of the house" a long time ago. I give Mr. C credit for trusting me to make most of the decisions regarding, well, everything. I am lucky in that way I know. This is not to say he did not have a lot of input on his favorite aspects: garage, wine cellar, office. But when I walk around now, I don't feel like this house has a large museum-like feeling. Instead, it feels warm and cozy. I credit my whole team: architect, builder, project manager, designer. Thank you for helping not only Mr. C, but me, achieve a dream. His dream was a large home; mine a warm and cozy one. Very cool we both are happy.

Oh and Miss CC adores her purple (and green) room. For those of you who know her, know her special interest has always been the color purple and the number 8. She's older now and has expanded her obsessions to sharks and art projects, but she has never lost her love of purple. Finally having a purple room is so important to her. Even her bathroom cabinets are purple. It is a darling, little-girl room I have to say.

She did not spend the night here last night as there are still too many boxes in her room. She has difficulty with change as most kids do of course. Being on the spectrum intensifies her need for sameness. Although we have visited new house 100s of times over the years and she has seen her room take shape, she still cries at night about how she will miss her old room. She has new furniture in this house. Darling twin beds with lavendar fabric headboards and green, lavender and pink bedspreads. While here she loves them. Transition is hard, but I hope she adjusts easily. My goal today is to get her room as unpacked as possible so she can feel right at home as soon as possible.

After piano lessons after school this afternoon, she will move in too! And then we will all be here together. Thank you for sharing in our joy. I hope it doesn't sound like bragging - so not my nature. But I am excited after having worked toward this for so long.

Home sweet home.


kristen said...

It sounds wonderful! I'm happy for all of you. A dream home. How lovely. Maybe you'll post some photos?

tulipmom said...

Congratulations on moving into your new house! I would love to see photos once you unpack and get settled. Especially of your daughter's room. I've always loved that color combination.

SB had a very difficult time adjusting to his new room when we moved 4 years ago. Even though he chose the paint color, and I set the room up EXACTLY the same as his old room, it was still new and scary for awhile. The fact that the house was so much larger really added to his uneasiness. Thankfully he grew to love his new room as I'm sure your daughter will too.