Wednesday, February 20, 2008

and now 3....

So the great Mr. C is home from Brazil. From door to door, the travel time is 23 hours.

Bless his heart.

And then after getting off the plane, Mr. Type A WENT TO WORK and worked all day.

And then he got "encouraged" to go to Miss CC's dance class and play with her afterward until bedtime.

Oh, bless his heart double.

But he did get some dinner. And things that previously didn't work in house now do. And CC made him 87 art projects at least while he was gone. And there was one homemade chocolate chip cookie left.

So things aren't too bad for the fellow, would you say?


kristen said...

He sounds like a great guy. I can't imagine traveling 23 hours and then coming home to immediately go back to work and fix broken things.

tulipmom said...

Husband/Dad of the Year?