Saturday, February 16, 2008

and there was 2

only two people in my house tonight. Me and tired little Miss CC. It is very quiet.
Very unusual around here.
We survived our week+ of sickness, thank goodness. It took two emergency doctor visits to a hotel room and lots of antibiotics, but we both finally recovered. It sometimes seems like someone has been sick since Halloween around here though I have to admit. I hope the sickies have finally passed us by. It has been a hard season. Everyone I know has had a bout of either strep, stomach flu or bronchitis.

Mr. C had a lovely golf game last week in the tournament. He was VERY happy. Which *should* make me happy - you know the supportive wife I am and all - but I have to admit, it was very hard staying happy for him when me and my lovebug were having possibly the worst week of our lives. Ah well, now that we are well, I can be excited and happy for him. It was a thrill for him to play in such a prestigious tournament. I so hope they ask him to play again next year. Wait a minute, maybe I don't. It seems it is always around my birthday. And next year, for the big 4-0, you better believe there will be a par-tay. (cuz 39 kinda blew)

My bestest buddy P came to help me with CC and she was a Godsend, although she did see some of the worst (and best) behavior. Poor Miss CC was very sick and could not be pleased. I'm sure you can imagine.

My MIL, SIL and BIL all came to see Mr. C play, too. He complained about people coming but I could tell he was actually VERY proud his family came to support him. And I'm glad someone could follow him around the course, as I was not able for more than a few holes at a time.

This week we've had guests stay with us - my first cousin J who I adore and her cute hubster and their adorable children. Yes, it was probably a little soon after moving into a new house to have guests (they had to put up with a bathroom door that would not close and a shower that did not work), but it was SO good to have our children together and see them bond. J and I were very close growing up as I did not have a sister (and hers came later in life) so we had each other only for many years during family events. Although we are very different from one another, we admire and respect each other.

Miss CC did pretty well with having people in her house and sharing her toys with other children. She did, however, need a lot of alone time and could not sit with us to eat meals. I'm sure this is confusing to others - particularly those who practice the all-sit-together rule for meals, but I knew she could not handle that and honored it. I didn't explain it either. I find in past I was constantly trying to explain some of her behavior, but now that I know she hears (and understands) everything I say (or imply), I am trying really hard just to let her be. Making her feel different or that she is not meeting certain standards only lessens her self-confidence.

Ironically they came to visit 3 years ago also at Valentine's Day so it felt good to celebrate the holiday with them again. Their beautiful girl is now 5 and of course Miss CC is 4 AND A HALF (can't leave out the 1/2 you know!) They also have a little boy who is almost 3. I love them both to pieces and so wish they lived closer. We had a little Valentine's Day party and had a few other kids over for art projects and cupcakes. I had my friend and photographer shoot the festivities and am so glad. They only left today, but I already cherish the photos.

Mr. C has left for Brazil. Gone every week that crazy traveling man.

And all the construction folks and audio visual programmers and painters, too, have left the house.


Miss CC does not have school on Monday or Tuesday so we have 3 more days of being home (and trying to get organized) and being together and recovering from all the travel/sickness/guests. I think it will be good for her to really take ownership of her new (darling purple) room.

Happy late Valentine's Day!


kristen said...

Glad to hear CC is feeling better and that you had a lovely family visit. Take some time to relax. Enjoy the new house!!!

tulipmom said...

You sure have been busy. I'm glad to hear you're home safe and sound that CC is feeling better.

I can relate to her not being able to sit down and eat with everyone else. SB had a very difficult time with this when he was her age. He can handle it better now (MOST of the time) but still needs lots of ALONE time when we have guests over. Even during his birthday party he snuck away for a few minutes here and there to escape the sensory overload.

Good for you for not explaining it.

Drama Mama said...

Whew. That's alot to process.

Take it easy!

mammathinks said...

Congrats on the move! It's been a long time in the making, I know. Must feel so nice to be there.

(((hug))) for the illnesses though, and I do hope you're in for a healthier spell.

Must see pics !!! CC's room sounds darling.

dancingmom said...

Glad you're back online. Just wanted to say hello to you at your new home on the internet!


mum_in_nw said...

Congratulations on the move(s). Hope you are all feeling better now.

cac said...

Congrats on your new home(s). I hope you guys have recovered from the whirlwind of move, guests, travel craziness.