Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hubby gets points

Well, that last post was a tad misleading. Mr. C didn't actually do anything at our house to fix anything. He is not Mr. Fix It. What I meant was things got fixed (either by me or someone still working on our new house) and so Mr. C was happy and in good mood.

BUT tonight he did some fixin'. And he did get points. Points in a major way.

You see, one of the most important events to me is the Academy Awards. It is a once-a-year event that I adore. I don't like to go to Oscars parties though; I might miss something. I like to see every outfit, hear every acceptance speech. I can't get enough. I start watching the pre-shows at 2 pm. I love it. I adore movies and I love the world of actors and writers. I bawl throughout, especially when the first-time nominees win.

And it is well-known I am not good for doing much else but sit on the couch during the Oscars.

In years past Mr. C would have grumbled and mumbled about my lazy self, sometimes even guilting me into cooking dinner or some other such menial task. Or maybe he even made fun of me being so "into" it. But this year (together 10 years), he finally figured it out.

He went to the grocery store and bought food and then COOKED DINNER! He even brought it to me and Miss CC on a tray in bed!

Okay, I know some of you (most?) have more progressive marriages where your husband/partner does 1/2 of the household chores. Mine doesn't. I have a more, well, let's say traditional, marriage. Never dreamed I'd be in one but here we are and usually, it works pretty well. I am at home with Miss CC, so over time I have taken on 100% of the home stuff, including even most of the parenting.

But tonight, my absolute favorite night of the year, I got waited on hand and foot.

It was lovely.


kristen said...

Lucky you!!

tulipmom said...

I usually feel the same way about the Oscars but for some reason I ended up taping them this year and still haven't watched the tape. I guess I'm just too caught up with baby stuff.

But cooking dinner and bringing it to you on a tray so you could watch??!!! Now that's GOOD! Major brownie points for him!

Jordan said...

Hi wishfulmommy! Thanks for participating in delurker week last week at The Wonderwheel! I'm happy to know you've been hanging out with me and looking forward to reading more of your blog as well! So glad you got to soak up the Oscars last night.