Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter week musings

This was a good week. Yes, there were some low points - we can't find Miss CC's beloved teddy bear, she constantly insists she is "boss of our house" and acts as such and I haven't slept in weeks, BUT there was also so much joy.

Easter is fun. It was never a huge holiday for me growing up, but since becoming a mom, every holiday takes on such a level of importance for me. I find the business of ensuring my baby has lovely happy memories a full-time job. And to be honest, I have grown to love the creativity of decorating for each holiday and finding new, inventive ways to celebrate.

Seeing little girls all dressed up for Easter and running across the grass to find Easter eggs. There is nothing like it.

We attended 3 egg hunts this week - two amazing ones at friends' home and a third one on a golf course. Miss CC was quite competitive at all of them and each time happily came home with her basket FULL. (gotta figure out a way to sneak out all the candy around here by the way)

We also had our granddaughter (I have an adult stepdaughter) Little Miss R with us for most of the events. She is 2 1/2 and she adores her "auntie" Miss CC who is 4 1/2. They are precious together. More like sisters.

So I sound like a sap. I don't care. I guess I'm sort of in love with my two girls. They are so precious - so beautiful and so smart and so different from one another.

And these are the years the children enjoy Easter. I don't see a lot of older kids looking for eggs, you know? So now at 2 1/2 and 4 1/ is perfect.

I try not to take a moment for granted.


kristen said...

It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. I should plan an Easter Egg Hunt for next year. We hide a few eggs around the house, but if the weather is nice, you're right--it's so much fun for the kids to hunt around the garden.

Sweetpeas said...

Anytime we have an influx of candy (halloween, easter, and pretty much every other holiday thanks to grandparents LOL) I suggest that the girls share a piece with me whenever they have some. While yes, I love candy as much as a kid, a big part of it is reducing how much they end up eating, AND it helps them with the whole "it's nice to share with others" thing too. Daddy only likes ONE kind of candy, so whenever they get it they generally voluntarily share it with him and often they'll "share" w/ each other as well, which is kind of a sneaky way to get an extra piece of candy when mom says "you can have one thing" but I usually let it go since they're sharing LOL.

(at times like halloween when there is a LOT of candy I've been known to go through & weed some out at night when they're asleep to avoid too long of daily sugar highs as well)