Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm back!

So I say I want to write.
And then I hit a major writer's block.
But then I unexpectedly went to Hawaii with my family and another family and got a little sunshine and felt better.
My daughter's best friend (yes, a boy!) was there and seeing the two of them play together was such a lovely thing. They adore each other. They were adventurers together - stalking and capturing lizards. And when they walked around together, they proclaimed, "Here come the troublemakers"!
They did spar a few times, but they always made up. I love to see them together because they play appropriately (even appropriate pushing each other occasionally). And it's interesting to see them interact. Miss CC often "mothers" her buddy, too. "It'll be okay, Sweetie," she soothes him when he is sad.
She does not do this with other children.
She gravatates toward adults rather than children. So it nice to see her love a peer like this.

Of course protective dad gets uncomfortable sometimes. Miss CC and her buddy are quite loving with one another including hugs and wiggling noses. Daddy doesn't like this one bit.

So once again I'm caught between taking care of my daughter and placating Mr. C. A trip to Hawaii didn't change that unfortunately.

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