Sunday, April 13, 2008

And now it is my turn for health issues...

So I turned 39 not long ago and my body seems to be falling apart.

Blood tests show I have a variety of health issues - all minor in the grand scheme of things but coupled together, they are causing some major problems. Hypoglycemic, too low blood pressure and dehydrated. All 3 are resulting in a too fast heart rate, something my dad dealt with his whole life.

They say I can correct this all simply by changing my diet to several small meals a day with more protein and less sugar, instead of 2 or 3 big meals. Sounds easy, huh?

Well, today Mr. C comes home from church with sugary sweets from the bakery. Then after lunch, Miss CC asks for ice cream. It's harder than you think to change your diet! My sweet tooth is officially doing me in it seems.

Any advice on incorporating more protein in my diet? My doc suggests cottage cheese with fruit for breakfast and snacking on almonds (instead of chips) during day and always adding chicken, etc to salads for lunch.

What do you do to eat healthy?


kristen said...

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and I had to completely change my diet to keep it under control. Small meals, lots of protein, same thing you describe.

Instead of eating an apple, I had an apple with a slice of cheese and a few almonds. Instead of a sandwich for lunch, I'd eat half a sandwich and a yogurt. One egg and a piece of toast w/ a handful of blueberries for b'fast. You get the idea.

Bottom line: It works. Good luck!!!

Jordan said...

Oh, sorry to hear it. I think Kristen has given you sound advice here. I hope you'll be feeling better very soon.

tulipmom said...

Kristen's advice is spot on. Definitely add nuts and/or peanut butter when you can. Also try to get in the habit of taking a healthy snack with you when you leave the house ... even if that means bringing a small cooler bag filled with cheese, etc.

dancingmom said...

I always have a small bag of dried cranberries and walnuts and almonds with me. I have other dietary concerns but this is a great snack. Also have cheese sticks in your fridge. You can grab one easily even if you're in a hurry.



mammathinks said...

Sorry to hear about the health stuff. It seems to affect every facet of your life when you're not feeling well. ((hug)). Do you like edamame? It's soy protein, and a vege, and very easy to make and keep on hand. I get the packages at Costco, and the girls love them as after school snacks.

Ditto the thoughts on nuts. Also hard boiled eggs in the fridge if you need protein on the go or quickly. I'm not a big fan of raw cheese (though I like it melted on things like pizza), but some softer cheeses and crackers are always yummy too.

I'm a big fan of eating smaller meals more often, but it is hard for me to do this. When I plan and I do do it though, I eat less, feel better, don't have energy peaks and valleys as much, and even lose weight. GL!