Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are we well yet?

Miss R has finally been given the all-clear. Her blood counts are all back in the normal range. On the low side of normal, but normal nonetheless. Her mom and dad are happy and not worrying and although annoyed they still don't know what really happened, are just grateful it all worked out.

Now Wishful Mommy on the other hand (Mimi to Miss R).....I'm a different story. Why am I still worrying? Is it a grandma thing? I just don't like not knowing what was wrong. Why don't we have answers?

And as for me, I have had good days and bad days. The days I eat in this new several-small meals-a-day way, I do feel better. The days I give in and have a piece of Scottish pie (similar to banana cream pie) or eat a big dinner, I feel terrible.

And as for Miss CC....well, no colds lately. Knock on wood. But tons and tons of anxiety and worry about, well, everything. I think worrying about kindergarten is the underlying theme.

Every school day she wakes up and says, "Mommy, I hate preschool. I'm too smart for preschool. I'm ready for kindergarten." And then later when we are talking about the future, "Mommy, I hate kindergarten. I don't want to go there."

And even though my daughter and I are very different, it just occurred to me that we are quite alike in one way: natural-born worriers!


kristen said...

Glad to hear things are turning around. The small meal thing is interesting--it was the same for me when I had to do it. If I followed along, did it the right way, I felt great. If not...well. You know. Not so good.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I'm glad everyone is on the mend.

Payton felt the same way about preschool. And he really was too smart for it. I almost hate to tell you this but he was too smart for kindergarten too. He hated it almost all year until near the end. That's when they started reading, which he didn't know how to do.

He's actually enjoyed first grade because he didn't already know 85% of the curriculum so there has been a light in the tunnel for us.