Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Intuitive kids and mutant viruses

Miss CC: "Mom, I need to tell you something."
Wishful Mommy: What, my darling?
CC: I have one sweet parent and one angry parent.
WM: Oh dear, what happened this morning when you were with Daddy for an hour?
CC: Nothing. You don't have to say you are angry for one to sense it.
WM: Do we need to talk to Daddy about his tone?
CC: It's okay, Mom. God just made him that way. I love him anyway.

Would you tell your huband if your child said this about him?
And would it make a difference if you knew exactly what she was talking about? I did marry Mr. Intense after all.

Miss R still has a low blood count, although it has risen to 11 (12 is the normal low). They will take her blood every few days now until she is out of danger. Her mommy had to go to work today and you can imagine how Miss R did not like that. She has had both her parents (plus tons of grandparents) pretty much 24/7 for a week now. Poor thing has to go back to reality.

There is talk of a mutant virus on the loose out there, one that causes your own antibodies to attack your own blood cells in an effort to fight the virus. There are lots of cases being reported this year.

Our germs are getting stronger.


mammathinks said...

First, hugs and get well wishes to Miss R for whatever plagues her. How frightening!

Second, yes, I would say something to your husband. Ask yourself this: would you want to know what C said if it were you she was discussing? I would. And I'm relatively sure your answer is the same.

If it's put delicately, and with your intention being of the best interests for all, as I know it is, then I think it could be a good thing in the end.

Not to mention a real wakeup call for Mr. C. ((hug)) for you all.

mammathinks said...

P.S. I'm extremely impressed by C's use of the word "sense" in this context, as well as the sentiment in general. She is really something, isn't she?

Jen P said...

I'm just catching up on your blog. What a fright! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way and to Miss R.

And yes, tell him. Adults are responsible for their actions. My Hub has AS and he typically has NO CLUE how he is being perceived and so when I tell him, about the 3rd time, he gets it a little better and adjusts or at least apologizes. Apologies go a long way, even if "you love him just the way he is."

dancingmom said...

I'm so sorry R is still suffering.

I have to say I'm not sure I'd tell your DH about what CC said. Not because I don't think he should hear it, but because I'm afraid he won't "hear" it anyway and it will cause negativity between you two. Which I suppose would be worth it if he gets it, I just am not sure he will.

I dunno. I can't think of how this could be put delicately. Perhaps I am thinking too much of my own past situation to be a good judge of what to do here, though.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Yep, I would tell the hubs if it were me. I also wouldn't worry too much about being delicate either. He's a grown up. Not that I would be ugly about it, but I definitely wouldn't spend a lot of time overthinking the approach either. That's just me though.

cac said...

Hope Miss R keeps healing and those blood counts keep moving in the right direction.

I'm not sure what I'd do re: Miss C's comment. My concern is that not telling him sounds like walking on eggshells, which really points to larger issues. I don't think it will necessarily change things, but being aware of the impact of your personality is important. I struggle with the same thing in my marriage, but with mine it's more about trying to decide whether to address how dh's depression affects the kids. Different issues, but similar impacts. So, no real answer, just understanding.

tulipmom said...

Our kids really are amazing, aren't they?

I think I would say something even though it might not be received well. At least it may give him some food for thought (once he calms down?).

Sending healthy thoughts to Miss R.

Drama Mama said...

Poor Miss R! Hope she's up and about soon.

As for CC - what an astute kid!