Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss CC: her voice is mighty

Our new pool has finally been plastered and is in process of filling up with water.

The pool cover cannot be completed until the pool is full.

There is no sod or grass around pool because the contruction dust would kill it so we are waiting for the pool cover to be done.

Miss CC is not 100% pool safe yet when it comes to swimming.

In other words, dancing, tiptoeing or skipping around the edge of the pool is dangerous.

Both Mommy and Daddy have prevented her from walking around the (slick) edge of the pool. Today, when Dad asked her to get away, she absolutely lost it. Screaming, hitting, kicking. "I hate you!" "I hate my daddy!" "I have the meanest daddy in the world!" "He is far too bossy."

Later, when finally calm, she told us that she was born with "all the wisdom an adult has" and does not want us to ever tell her what to do or boss her around. We try very hard not to use "just because" or "because I'm the parent" logic with her and instead really use her usual logical thinking. So we explained that because we are older than her, we therefore have more experience and more wisdom. And so there would be times we have to tell her what to do because she was still a little girl and still learning.

She pondered that awhile and said, "Nope. God gave me all of my wisdom now and I really don't need your advice, but thanks."



nutmeg said...

Oh, my. You have some long years ahead of you. All that wisdom and beauty too. That's a handfull!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Ahhh yes, the age of illogical reason. I remember it well. Thankfully there is actually an age of reason for kids too. Around seven in fact. They start to listen to our reasons for our decisions.

Before that Payton was a raging monster who tried to shove his independence down our throat. But now I can explain why I said this or that and he can be *gasp* reasonable most of the time.

It doesn't really help now and you may think of pulling out your hair for the next 2.5 years, but it won't always be this way.

SmogRanch said...

I should have tried that with my parents.