Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Remembering the good ole days...

An old roommate of mine is visiting this week for spring break. She brought her little boy M here who is Miss CC's age. They are very similar in that both are very shy.

My friend and I are decidedly not.

Sometimes we wonder how we got these kids. Did God/Goddess/higher energy think we needed some difficult challenge?

I'm so glad to see my friend again. We lived together the year before we met our now husbands. In other words, we were "date queens" at the time living the single life. We both had been married before so in many ways had given up on men. I had actually given up on having a child as I "knew" I'd never marry again. So when we lived together we had lots of pets (our children).

I even got my beloved Athena, my cat, during that time. I am a big party person and I had a huge baby shower when I got my kitten. Everyone brought cat toys and I had a big cake with a cake jumping out of a stroller on it. I even passed out "It's a girl" lollypops.

We were always entertaining and having fun. We also both had careers and were on the path up the corporate ladder.

Now we are both primarily at home with children. I am writing a bit and doing charity work on side and she is a part-time photographer. We turned in our lives for totally new ones at some point.

The only thing that is the same is Athena is still around and now 11!

It's good to reconnect now and then. To remember a different side of ourselves. I'm still that person, too.

Gotta go now. M and Miss CC want to hunt for ladybugs.

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Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Wow...that sounds like such fun to hang out with an old friend.