Monday, May 05, 2008

The big FIVE

Five years ago today was the absolute most important day of my life. It was the most amazing day of my life.

And it was probably the hardest day of my life. I can definitely say I experienced the most pain of my life that day.

It was the day Miss CC was born.

But born doesn't seem like the right word. As Miss CC always says, she was always in the world. But her body arrived on May 5, 2003. A Cinco de Mayo baby. Time to celebrate! And at the very least, time to have a stiff drink.

You see, I wanted an unmedicated birth. I wanted a midwife-assisted birth. I actually had the audacity to want a homebirth. And it all began with lots of research. I had the best team, the best laid plans. And I had the drive and the belief and as my daddy used to say, the gumption to do it.

Not to go into all the details, but here were the hightlights:
water breaks just as going to bed
labored at home all night - contractions every 2 minutes
Miss CC was turned face up
midwife manually turned her twice
(did I mention no meds?)
little dialation
trip to hospital for epidural
epidural does not work
ooo, but the feet were numb (but nothing else)
getting close to 24-hour mark after water breaking
C-section imminent
sudden placental abruption (massive bleeding)
no time to re-do epidural
C-section without meds (they tie you down and cut)
displaced pain in chest (think I'm having heart attack)
go blind from oral meds
(give my "goodbye" speech)
CC arrives!
CC has swallowed blood - gets tummy pumped
CC brought to me but I am still blind so can only smell her.

But CC is OKAY!!!

Suddenly, my eyesight returns and I am stiched up and in recovery room being encouraged to nurse Miss CC. And then I'm in my hospital room with everyone swooning over my beautiful little girl. (no further mention of trauma to me)

And within minutes I was sure I would do it all over again in a heartbeat just to have my girl. My old soul girl. My little miniature Mr. C (seriously, she's Mr. C in a dress). My already oh-so-serious CC. My newborn baby with the furrowed brow already trying to figure life out.

Five years later, we do get moments of glee and a quirky sense of humor. But overall, I'd say she is just as she was when she was born: reluctant to go somewhere new, a serious soul and obviously something to celebrate.

Happy Birthday, my precious girl. I adore you.


kristen said...

That's quite a birthing story. And one lucky little girl.

Happy birthday Miss CC.

Lori at Spinning Yellow said...

Oh, my, a c-section without meds? I am stunned!!

Happy Birthday Miss CC. And happy birthing day to you!!

karen d said...

Happy Birthday!! xoxo

Drama Mama said...

h my God. You do deserve a Cinco de Mayo Margarita. A stiff one. Any darned time you like.

I like the outcome of the story.

tulipmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Miss CC. I love the photo of you both.

I'm glad I read that birth story AFTER having Tulipbaby. Unbelievable what you went through ... so glad it had a happy ending.

Ang said...

Happy Birthday, Miss CC and Momma! I remember this day; especially remember the fact that you could feel it all!!! Yikes. Hard to believe it's been 5 years!

-Ang (lovemy4)

Baby Weinstein said...

A lovely post. I remember your amazing birthing story. I too wanted a home birth, and ended up with something different (though not as traumatic). And my most vivid memory is of the way Baby Weinstein smelled when they brought her to me. I had a flashback recently when my department chair, who is also a farmer, had a just-born lamb in her office. "They smell like the sea," she commented, and I remembered that sea/earth smell that I have never smelled anywhere else. Happy birthday to Miss CC and happy Mother's Day to you!

Wishful Mommy said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet thoughts. And Miss CC says thanks for the birthday wishes. Her big party is not until this weekend so we are still celebrating at this house.