Monday, May 12, 2008

I love this holiday

I love my mom. I do. She drives me batty, but I do still love her. And I encourage my daughter to love her Nana.

BUT Mother's Day never meant a lot to me. I know that sounds harsh, but I did show my mom appreciation in other ways - not neccessarily on Mother's Day through the years. So it wasn't an emphasized holiday in my life. That is, until I became a mother myself.

Now I live for the obscure crafts my girl makes for me at preschool. I can hardly wait to see what card she (and her dad) pick out for me. I love going to brunch together and everyone saying, "Happy Mother's Day" to me.

I wanted to be a mom for so many years. I wished for my daughter. And now I relish every single Mother's Day. Every single day in fact.


kristen said...

Happy Mother's Day, I hope it was all that you wished for!

Smogranch said...

How can you not like mother's day?? Impossible!