Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the mom the other moms hate...

yup, that's me.

I'm the one that throws the over-the-top birthday parties. The HUGE crazy birthday party.

And the part that really irriatates the moms? I don't care that the moms hate me.

I have always been this way. I adore hosting parties. I love to plan all the activities, decorate and put together the favors. I don't mind spending money either on vendors like balloon ladies, face painters and characters. And by the way, I was this way when I didn't have a dime to my name.

(Case in point: big birthday party for an ex - I flew in his sister to surprise him and got a Target credit card to pay for all the food and decorations because I had no cash.)

Many bloggers have discussed this at length but primarily from the simple-and-frugal-is-better perspective. I totally get that, especially about not making the emphasis on birthday presents. But part of my personality is to entertain. And my daughter has inherited this quality, too.

Although she is much more introverted than I am, for weeks prior to her birthday parties, she plans where all the balloons will go, fills every gift bucket or sack (this year 100!) and decides all the crafts and games to play. Every morning she wakes up and says, "X more days!!!!"

We are asking that attendees donate to the local children's hospital in lieu of a gift. Family members will still give Miss CC gifts, so I am sure she will have the fun of opening some gifts. But we certainly don't want tons of presents coming into the house. She helped me wrap a huge empty box in Hello Kitty paper for donated toys.

Anyway, the countdown's on. The big party is this weekend. This year we have two themes: sea life and Hello Kitty. The aquarium is bringing a truck with tanks of fish, lobsters, starfish and even baby sharks! And Hello Kitty herself is making an appearance. (Miss CC sent her an invitation.) My house if full of fish-themed games and shark-themed crafts.

And my little girl is beside herself with glee.
P.S. The photo is from her third birthday (Strawberry Shortcake theme).


SmogRanch said...

You call that over the top? If I had kids I would buy them a goldmine! Or how about a money factory? Okay, maybe not.
My goal is to not hate anyone. I'm trying.....

jen w. said...

Wish we were there this weekend. And over the top? No way! This mom does not hate you, we are too much alike when it comes to party planning for me to ever hate you! :)

cac said...

How did it go? I can't properly hate you without pictures!! haha.

Hope it was a wonderful magical day for miss CC and friends.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I've always been one of the moms to keep it simple. BUT I don't have that entertaining streak in me like you do. And I don't know 100 people to invite. I'm very envious that you are so blessed to have so many friends and loved ones.