Monday, May 19, 2008

Ready for kindergarten?

Yes, we survived the party. Yes, we are still recovering. Yes, the house is wrecked. Including pink cupcake frosting staining the antique tiles in the dining room. Yes, it was a HUGE success.

Miss CC was in heaven and all 100 kids who came had a blast, too. Highlights were Hello Kitty coming and wandering through the house with Miss CC and Miss R holding her hands and also the aquarium exhibit where kids could touch baby sharks. More later when I get pics.

Today was Miss CC's interview at kindergarten. And to answer how it went, well, it was an accurate interview. In other words, CC showed her amazing abilities, but she also showed her weaknesses, too. This is a good thing. This interview will determine which kindergarten teacher she is placed with. And let's face it, there is probably one of the three that is better with challenging kids.

Because we have elected not to disclose her Asperger's dx at this point, we came armed with a letter (written from her perspective) highlighting her attributes but explaining her quirks.

She excelled on all the academic questions (shapes, numbers, letters). She even complained that they were "baby" questions. She spoke of her interests: the color purple, her best friend J, our cat...She was very talkative and not her usual slow-to-warm self. I was proud of her.

But the teacher also asked her to draw a picture of something she liked. This is right up Miss CC's alley as she is constantly drawing or making art projects. However, when it was time to go, she did not want to leave the artwork with the teacher. There was a bit of a power struggle for a moment...I knew a few more minutes would trigger a meltdown for sure. But the teacher negotiated with her and agreed to make a copy of the artwork for her file and let her take her original home. CC questioned her several times about this. The teacher assured her that she always kept her promises.

As we left, the teacher said, "CC has a strong foundation for kindergarten and will be fine."

Yes. I just hope the kindergarten teacher will survive, too.


mammathinks said...

Glad the party was a great success! Sounds like a lot of fun.

What a great idea -- pairing students with teachers. Is this a private school C will attend? Sounds to me like she did wonderfully in the interview. Can't believe she's going to Kindy, can you?

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

It sounds like things went great. And I would hope they wouldn't think too much of a pre-K child wanting to keep their art work. They are just 4-5 years old, yk. I'm sure she has dealt with it before.

Wishful Mommy said...

Actually I asked that later and the principal told me others had asked to keep it, but none quite so insistently!!! I'm sure you know the type! : )

Wishful Mommy said...

This is not a private school - it is a public school but it is year-round and sort of like a magnet school. Kind of the best of both .... it seems. But I don't know for sure.