Thursday, June 05, 2008

Aloha from napland

When the company sponsors an incentive trip every year - always somewhere lovely - it is good to be the chief operating officer's wife then.

I've written about the pitfalls before on being an excutive's wife (um, I have a husband? he's never here), but the perks far outweigh the hard stuff. On that note, aloha from Hawaii!

Since arriving, I've eaten fresh delicious fruit (without a child demanding the best piece), taken a long, blissful nap (!!!!!!), had an amazing dinner with lots of yummy tropical drinks and slept 9 hours straight in a comfortable bed (happy, happy, joy, joy). Today the agenda is my usual vanilla latte and now a stone massage. Later I might have to break a sweat sitting by the pool and having a cocktail. Ahhhhhhh.

Sorry to rub it in, but after this past year with crazy contracters and deadline after deadline missed and budgets not kept (all relating to the house we built) and all the ups and downs of parenting a darling but quirky child, well, I actually think I deserve this trip.

But I do know most of you folks out there - especially you moms of quirky kids - you deserve it, too. So in honor of you, I will drink my cocktail this afternoon with you in mind. Cheers!

P.S. Haven't heard from stalker in a week. Hope he is gone for good. Thanks for the emails of good wishes.

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tulipmom said...

Goes without saying I'm jealous. Enjoy every minute!