Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Start spreading the news...

NYC, here I come!

5 girlfriends and I are going to go for 5 days sans husbands and sans children!

This means lots of shopping, amazing dinners, cocktails, two Broadway shows, even a 1/2 day at the spa. I am so excited.

Mr. C and I have been at odds lately. It seems I am a single parent and do 99% of house stuff. One day I woke up and I was almost 40 and in a very traditional marriage. Never would have dreamed that scenario about myself I gotta tell ya.

So being away for a bit and Mr. C having to figure out how to cook dinner and pack a lunchbox should at the very least, somewhat amusing. It will be good for him!

I will miss you. Check back next week for a full report.


kristen said...

Have fun!

Drama Mama said...

Wow!!!! NYC, right? Which shows?