Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is this good news?

This is a riddle.

What do you get when you cross one very horrible week and one stay-at-home mommy who secretly wants to have more children?

A blocked milk duct!

I am not pregnant and am not trying to get pregnant, but one lone duct in the right boobalicious has been making milk and is now blocked.


It has happened to me before. When I first met Mr. C, I was so desperate for a baby, that I made milk then, too. FOR A PHANTOM BABY!

Okay, so I'm a freak.

But a freak without breast cancer I might add.


tulipmom said...

Wow! And thank G-d. So glad it's not the big "c".

Baby Weinstein said...

Oh, yay! Not that a blocked duct is any fun. But I am so relieved for you.