Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, well, well, my precious readers and friends.

I still am scared of blogging. But I could not keep this back any longer.

For those of you who know me in real life (as if this isn't), my husband and I have an amazing little girl who is 5 1/2. I also have an adult stepdaughter who is 32 and a granddaughter who is 3. 

So we weren't planning on having any more children. My husband has been adamant about that. He did not want a child  younger than a grandchild. And I was sad in that I always pictured myself with 2 children, but I accepted it. I was grateful to get my Miss CC out of the deal.

So we've been going along looking forward to more grandchildren and watching Miss CC grow into a big girl, one who acts very much like a big sister to her niece. I felt like having that relationship was good for her.

And years pass and I am about to turn 40 and Mr. C is 56 and guess what?

I'm pregnant!

Yes, we are in shock, too.

Yes, we were using birth control.

And low and behold, here we are.

And to top it off, my stepdaughter is preggo, too! So we just found out we are going to get a grandson at the end of May! And our baby (don't know gender yet) will arrive in June. H/she will arrive with a niece and nephew already in the world.

Such is the life of a modern merged family.

At first we were terrified and shocked. I wasn't sure this was what I wanted. I had given up that 2-kid fantasy. I had moved on.

And then we had a few trips to the emergency room with complications in the beginning, and right away I realized I wanted this baby! I wanted this baby so badly!

We are now almost 12 weeks and all is good so far. If you are so inclined, please pass on a little prayer for me and my growing, amazing family.


SmogRanch said...

Hey, I'm pregnant too!! Oh no, wait, sorry, it's not me, it's that other guy.

I'm happy for you. Now, we need to get you writing again.

Rebecca said...

I saw your comment at Queen of Shake Shake. No, I don't know you from Adam, but I read that you're pregnant.

Congratulations! :)